Promoe has over 250954 followers across Spotify, Soundcloud, LastFM, YouTube Music, Deezer and Songkick. Currently we track 6 digital music and social platforms for Promoe. When AVR-Music Stats last calculated the current growth of Promoe's social media following, it was roughly 22 followers per day. We collect data on 10,000’s of rappers, singers, musicians, producers, bands & DJs from around the world across multiple genres including edm, rock, hip hop, grime, pop, jazz, folk and many more. Found something missing? You can add data for Promoe here.

Promoe's Music Bio

Promoe (M?rten Edh) is a Swedish emcee, and member of Swedish hip-hop group, Looptroop Rockers. Promoe has released five albums, quite a few 12"s and also many singles with Astma&Rockwell which you can download for free on Promoe's albums to date are: Government Music, Long Distance Runner, White Man's Burden, Standard Bearer and the newest one is Kr?ks?ngen which is in swedish. The label is Looptroops own, David versus Goliath (DvsG) since 1998, which is distributed through Burning Heart. Read more on

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