Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding has over 5544 followers across and, Spotify. Currently we track 1 digital music and social platforms for Sarah Harding. When AVR-Music Stats last calculated the current growth of Sarah Harding's social media following, it was roughly 0 followers per day. We collect data on 10,000’s of rappers, singers, musicians, producers, bands & DJs from around the world across multiple genres including edm, rock, hip hop, grime, pop, jazz, folk and many more. Found something missing? You can add data for Sarah Harding here.

Sarah Harding's Music Bio

Sarah Nicole Harding is an English singer, model and actress. She rose to fame in late 2002 when she auditioned for the ITV reality series Popstars: The Rivals. The programme announced that Harding had won a place as a member of the girl group, Girls Aloud. The group achieved twenty consecutive top ten singles in the UK, six studio albums that were certified platinum by the British Phonographic In(Continue reading more here...)

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