Sean Chambers

Sean Chambers has over followers across and. Currently we track 0 digital music and social platforms for Sean Chambers. When AVR-Music Stats last calculated the current growth of Sean Chambers's social media following, it was roughly 0 followers per day. We collect data on 10,000’s of rappers, singers, musicians, producers, bands & DJs from around the world across multiple genres including edm, rock, hip hop, grime, pop, jazz, folk and many more. Found something missing? You can add data for Sean Chambers here.

Sean Chambers's Music Bio

Sean Chambers is an American blues rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He has released seven albums since 1998, with the most recent, Trouble & Whiskey and Welcome to My Blues, appearing in the US Billboard Blues Albums Chart. His main guitar playing influences are the work of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his early professional music experience was gained while touring for four yea(Continue reading more here...)

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