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Check out the top performing music artists and music media brands online. Download charts, stats & reports to gain huge business insight.
Analyse & Track The Digital Music Landscape

Competitive Data

Analyse the top performing music artists and music media brands on social media. Search through multiple metrics and filters.

Digital Music Promotion Strategies

Which social media platform best suits your music brand when promoting content online? Learn where to concentrate your efforts.

Real-Time Social Media Analytics

We produce bespoke reports and technical audits that can help your business with specific areas of digital marketing.

The Digital Music World Unveiled!

A site create by indie music lovers & fans to help you make sense of the digital music landscape. We compare social media statistics for the worlds leading music brands, media platforms and music artists.

Find the best performing artist and music media platforms online

Research content schedules that match your music brand

Top categorised lists for competitive analysis

Music Industry Social Media Statistics

The Top Music Artists & Music Media Brands on Social Media

Explore the most famous, most active and most followed music artists online.

Filter and search your top music artist and music media brands by location, genre, platform type.

Take a look at the top performing radio stations, blogs, publishers, newspapers, music distribution services, and more.

Learn how various music artists and music media brands' social content and following changes over time.

Track followers, posts,  likes, views and more from some of the top social media and music streaming websites.

Gain access to charts, tables, filtered lists and downloads for in depth music business analysis.