Jenna Ushkowitz

Jenna Ushkowitz has over 1759 followers across YouTube Music and Songkick. Currently we track 2 digital music and social platforms for Jenna Ushkowitz. When AVR-Music Stats last calculated the current growth of Jenna Ushkowitz's social media following, it was roughly -1 followers per day. We collect data on 10,000’s of rappers, singers, musicians, producers, bands & DJs from around the world across multiple genres including edm, rock, hip hop, grime, pop, jazz, folk and many more. Found something missing? You can add data for Jenna Ushkowitz here.

Jenna Ushkowitz's Music Bio

Jenna Noelle Ushkowitz is a Korean-born American producer, actress, singer and podcast host. She is known for her performances in Broadway musicals such as The King and I and Waitress; and in the role of Tina Cohen-Chang on the Fox comedy-drama series Glee. She won a Tony Award as a producer the Broadway musical Once on This Island.(Continue reading more here...)

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